Innovation and Leadership in the Digital World

Jen Sheridan

It is essential for organizations to be innovative if they want to stay ahead and stand out in today’s competitive market. Company executives are paying more and more attention to their team’s capabilities in innovation and design thinking. Leaders are also focusing on developing their own leadership skills.

The following video is an interview conducted by Duke Kunshan Executive Education with Professor Jen Sheridan on the topic of innovation, design thinking and leadership in the age of digitization. Prof. Sheridan is also embarking on sharing her insights toward the challenges that companies are currently facing in the digital age. As well as how organizations can utilize innovation and design thinking to facilitate growth and development. She will also touch on how cultural differences may have an impact on innovation.

Jen Sheridan

Jen Sheridan is the Managing Director of Learn More, a company that aims to deliver results that make a difference to individual, team and organization performance. Jen has over 20 years experience working in learning and organizational development with listed, private, public and not-for-profit organizations in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and the USA.





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